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The early sunrise, the mid-day sitting and the late afternoon glow, moments like these are to be cherished. Strong shadows pay homage to times past and the heritage of Royal Doulton.

Suggestive shafts of light tease an exciting day ahead and a promising future, the apparent noise of day to day life fades into the background when enjoying the little moments.

Eclectic enough for the young aspirational couple and classic enough for the mature professional family, the collection embraces its hand-thrown silhouettes, hand-dipped glazed finish and subtle detailing.

Natural and organic shadows, beautifully minimal settings and a relatable imperfect perfection, this is 1815 by Royal Doulton.


A story of being in the right place at the right time, this project was born out of lockdown to serve a need for photography when studios were closed.

Styled and shot by Founder and Creative Director, Ben Farr, when the world stopped turning.

Royal Doulton wanted to take the brand in a new direction, with a brief that allowed free-reign as long as the imagery showed the delicate details of the pieces and appealed to the current customers, as well as welcoming in the new.

Royal Doulton Signature 1815 was the first silhouette from Doulton; the original tableware, so to honour and to pay homage to that was key. Photography that allowed the pieces to do the talking and space to breathe, while standing out as a basic, but luxurious range.

A fresh take, and a fresh set of eyes, to modernise the image and breathe new life into a brand that holds so much heritage and history.

The set was minimal, using broken up palettes that were hand dyed by IFSOBCZWHY, using one light, and one poly board.

This work became the mood board for the brand, with IFSOBCZWHY then leading the Creative Direction for Royal Doulton for a season following this shoot.

Not bad for a lockdown thing.